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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The New Republic strikes again

In less than a week, two more clumsy errors in The New Republic within a paragraph of one another:

"In almost every role since, he's seemed like a cartoon character reigning himself in, trying desperately to pass as human."

That's reining. This is just stupid and inexcusable.

"Murphy is a far funnier sidekick as Mushu the miniscule dragon in this sorely underrated Disney release."

And nobody can spell "minuscule" properly any more. Granted, when writing that word, people tend to think of "miniature" and its jauntily abbreviated form "mini", but so what? A misspelling is a misspelling. I'd like to believe that if people knew its opposite, "majuscule", they might get "minuscule" right, but I suspect that then people would think "majesty" and end up with "majescule", and then wind up with "minescule", which is worse than "miniscule".

Goddammit, why doesn't TNR hire a copy editor?


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