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Monday, April 25, 2005

Same Old Same Old

Here are three news bulletins that will not come as a surprise to anyone who's read more than a few of my blog entries:

1) Everywhere I turn, I see typographical errors.
2) Most of them nowadays are actual words used incorrectly, because
3) A spell-checker won't catch such mistakes.

Just today I was looking up the notes to a particular fragrance and discovered the odd expression "sun-repined fruit". "Repine" is a word: it means "to yearn" (closely related to its root word, "pine", which is a cousin to such words as "pain" and "penalty"). But "sun-ripened" is what the writer was aiming at, and badly missed. (As it turns out, the website doesn't even spell-check its information, at least not consistently: on another page are the non-words "inspried" and "celbrates".)

I swear I don't go looking for these things. Typos leap off the page and fling themselves at me; it's almost endearing, their affection.


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