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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Who's An Idiot?

I've already mentioned how indispensible Boing Boing is; you probably need to visit it on a daily basis, because there's a lot of stuff there, added to frequently, and it's just fascinating. A recent piece about unsettling children's products had me steamed, but not for the reason Boing Boing expected.

If you go to the link they provided and scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see a product called "Who's Shoes". The product itself I'm indifferent to, but the name is completely wrong and cretinously so.

"Who's" is not a possessive pronoun; it's a contraction of the phrase "who is". The stupid, stupid manufacturers were clearly aiming at the possessive pronoun phrase "Whose Shoes". Whose shoes are they? They're the shoes of whoever's wearing them. Obviously.

What's wrong with these people? Don't they do any research regarding product names? Are they all illiterate? I volunteer to kick everyone responsible in their collective asses until they smarten the hell up and correct the name of their product. Morons.

Hey, there's that spleen I was talking about.

I should probably make it clear that I don't think everyone who confuses "whose" with "who's" is an idiot. It's an easy mistake to make, since most possessives in English do, in fact, end in apostrophe-ess. (Possessives formed from pronouns don't, mind you.) But if you're going to market a product, then you have to make sure the name you want to market it under is appropriate. If you don't, it makes you look stupid, because you are.


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