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Sunday, August 07, 2005


What is it about short soundalike words and the propensity of some people to confuse one for the other? People don't write "shore" when they mean "sure", do they? Or do they?

I've already kvetched about "phase" versus "faze", and now I run into this sentence in the otherwise respectable Wonkette:

Roberts' private practice work did not always jive with conservative agenda, yet "some activists on both sides remain secure in their conviction that he is an emphatic conservative who will move the high court to the right."

"Jive"? "Jive"? Oh, I don't think so. "Jive" has a few meanings: the music, the bullshit, the fakeness. But you will note that "be in accordance" or "agree" is not one of those meanings. On the other hand, "jibe" means exactly those two things, so Wonkette, alert to politics though she is, ought to have written "jibe" instead of "jive" and is therefore wrong.

But, bless her little cotton socks, she wrote "Roberts'", a construction dear to my heart, and so she is forgiven.


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