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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So to Speak

I was working all day and just got home and am--you have my honest apologies for this--too tired to write anything of any particular interest except to note that after reading the following sentence

Televangelist Jim Bakker's PTL Christian Theme Park has gone to wrack and ruin -- an illicit photog has crept through the ruins of this soi-dissant Jesusland and shot roll after roll of rotting Christian "amusements"

I am astonished that someone who knows how to spell "wrack and ruin" correctly doesn't know how to spell "soi-disant" correctly. Perhaps I'm being mean, or perhaps I'm just tired. But I am grateful for someone who knows how to spell "wrack and ruin" correctly, so I guess that's something.

(P.S. "Soi-disant" is French for, literally, "oneself-saying", which is to say "speaking of or for oneself", and properly means "self-styled", though nowadays it's also used to mean "so-called". I'm guessing it's the second meaning that's the intended one in the sentence above. I wouldn't use it in that sense myself, but it's not wrong.)

(P.P.S. Thursday's the first day of fall--my favourite season!--and I'm taking a few days off. Check back in a week or so. Maybe less. Probably less, knowing me.)


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