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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yes, language changes and that's natural, but sometimes the older ways are better.

From, as usual, boingboing is a lumberjack that transforms into a werewolf. Very amusing. But here's the website's description of the product:

From the "Here be Monsters" line, an incredible 12-inch plush that metamorphosizes from a lumberjack into a werewolf. Just open the back and invert the plush to make the change. Amaze friends with your intimate knowledge of the lycanthropic change!

"Metamorphosizes"? Was that really necessary, when English has a serviceable and in fact lovely word at its disposal already, "metamorphoses"?

"Metamorphosize" isn't new; the OED dates it from 1908. ("Metamorphose" entered the written language in 1576.) But the extra syllable is unnecessary, pure padding, and the word is another ugly example of the modern tendency to turn decent words into bloated hulks that clog up the language (cf. "impactfulness").


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