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Monday, April 03, 2006


Some specimens from this brand-new New Yorker article about Muzak:

In the forties, Muzak introduced a trademarked concept, called Stimulus Progression, which held that most workers would be more productive if they were exposed to music of gradually increasing intensity, in fifteenminute cycles.


He is fifty-three, tall, and extremely thin, and he wears a nearly unvarying uniform: nice black T-shirt, unfaded jeans, high-top sneakers, coollooking wristwatch, designer glasses.


The voice division also creates in-store promotional announcements, which can be patched seamlessly into the company’s backgroundmusic programs.


It’s the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation, which contributes money to musiceducation programs around the country and conducts an annual summer camp called Noise!, whose purpose is to introduce musically inclined teen-agers to the less visible parts of the music business.

Someone needs to tell the New Yorker that some Germans have stolen a bunch of their hyphens.


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