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Friday, July 06, 2007

Chief Concern

I had a customer today at the counter who was asking the usual sorts of questions about framing, and I was being my usual professional self, when I happened to notice his T-shirt. It bore a picture of some guy or other, possibly an American Indian, but that didn't really register too strongly. It bore some 144-point words in some variant of Collegiate Outline, which made it look like a clothing-company sort of shirt, the kind of thing American Apparel might make. And this is what it said:

I was mesmerized. I lost my train of thought and had to look away so I could continue helping the customer. Then I accidentally looked at the shirt again, and again I lost my train of thought. It was just hypnotic: so big, so compelling, so wrong.

How do these things even happen? Was it a Japanese shirt? Was it the only product of a failed clothing manufacturer? Was it made by idiots? I tried Googling "American Cheifs" "Est. 1991" and got nothing, and likewise with "American Chiefs" "Est. 1991", and then a bunch of other search terms, to no avail. I'm at a loss.


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