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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you were going to write a fake news story, wouldn't you try to write it so that it sounded like an actual news story?

Just look at this:

I could enumerate the errors, but it would take too long, so let's just flick over the really egregious ones:

1) The headline is not written in a style any native English writer would use; it would read "Actress Miley Cyrus dead in car crash" or something much like that.
2) "Rueters", which appears one line below the news organization's correctly-spelled logo.
3) "...appears to have died," a phrase which no news story would ever employ.
4) "Witnesses estimate that the colliding vehicle was travelling at 'At least 55mph' and had 'Run a stop sign.'" I don't even know where to begin with that.

Anybody who's had even the most cursory experience of reading a newspaper ought to see immediately that this couldn't be a legitimate story. It seems more than a few people fell for it, though, so I guess the point is proven that a fake doesn't need to be a very good one to do its job.


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