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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday I saw a sign on the way to work...

No, wait. Back up and fast forward. I had today off because Jim had to go to the hospital for surgery. Oh, it was nothing serious: it's called a laser iridotomy, which means they use a YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) laser to poke a little hole in the iris to release some pressure when you have something called narrow-angle glaucoma. (Could have been worse: back before lasers were invented, they had to poke a hole with a surgical implement, which, I'm sure, was just as horrible as it sounds.)

It seemed to go smoothly, but I wasn't in the room watching it, and I also managed to absent myself when they had to poke his eye with a little rod to check for intraocular pressure. (They used to use a little puff of air, but apparently that isn't as accurate.) As soon as Jim told me they were going to do this, I sat in a different part of the waiting area where I couldn't see him, and stayed out of sight until he was all done.

Anyway, he's doing fine.


Yesterday I saw a sign on the way to work; it was in English and French, as is the way in Canada, and the English part said "BUMP" (over a picture of a bump in the road), and the French part underneath said "BOSSE".

Remind you of anything?

Not "boss", as in "overlord", which I thought might be Dutch (it suggested the spelling "baas", for some reason), which it is (and "baas" is also its source, which suggests that I didn't guess correctly but actually read it years ago and unconsciously memorized it, because I know no Dutch). No, "bosse" made me think of "emboss", which is to say "put bumps into the surface of". "Emboss" is from Old French "embocer", from "boce", a lump or bump or hump.


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