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Friday, June 12, 2009

That Takes the Cake

I stole this picture from Cake Wrecks, which is probably pretty obvious because of the big "www.CakeWrecks.com" watermark smack in the middle of it.

See? What have I been telling you all these years? Every piece of public text needs a proofreader, even a five-word sign. I'll ignore the irony of a store calling itself the Perfect Cakes Bakery putting a huge typo on its teaser banner ("comming soon", indeed), and just note that if the store can't even get anything as simple as that right, then it's a good bet that its owners/employees are not going to be any better equipped to spell such things as "congratulations", "birthday", or "you" correctly when they try to render them in icing. There couldn't be a better advertisement that the business is not going to be able to deliver what you'd expect it to. And all because of a single extraneous letter!


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