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Friday, January 22, 2010

Body Language

The Setup: There is a little opera by Handel called "Acis and Galatea", a charming pastoral which contains a few moderately famous arias and choruses, most particularly "Heart, the Seat of Soft Delight", "Hush, Ye Pretty Warbling Quire", and "Galatea, Dry Thy Tears".

I used to subscribe to a magazine called Classic CD, which contained articles about classical musicians and reviews of classical and operatic CDs. It's no longer being published, as far as I can tell, but this

is a cover from 1998. The magazine had a column of amusing typos, overblown promotional text, and the like--just the sort of thing I'd enjoy. They printed a listing for a BBC radio program in which the title of one of the choruses from Acis and Galatea was misprinted as "Galatea, Dry Thy Teats".

The Punch Line: I was looking at a recording of Acis and Galatea on iTunes, and that very song was misspelled again, but not in the expected way; this time, it was this:

"Galatea, Dry Thy Ears".

The Kicker: I went a-Googling for "galatea dry thy teats", and there was nothing, meaning nobody remembers it except me; but the very first search result contained this:

"Heart, The Teat of Soft Delight".

It's endless, is Acis and Galatea.


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