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Monday, October 11, 2010

And Taxes

A Slate article--and whenever I begin a sentence with "a Slate article", you can be sure that you are about to read of some patently unnecessary mistake--on the stereotype of the dumb blonde contains these sentences:

Just like modern gentlemen, Romans valued blondness—they would dye their hair using goat's fat mixed with beechwood ashes or vinegar concoctions or saffron. But as Pitman has noted, earnest types associated hair-dying with vanity and lack of gravitas.

"Dying" is the wrong word here, and I know it is a little thing, just one missing letter, and what's more I know that everybody who reads that second sentence understands what is meant, but nevertheless it is the oafishly wrong and un-proofread word, exactly as if the author had used "there" or "their" instead of "they're", and wouldn't that have exposed her, or the magazine and its obvious lack of editorial oversight, to ridicule?


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