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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superiority Complex

Ordinarily I am pretty forgiving when it comes to Facebook updates and blog posts and e-mails and comments: nobody is expecting you to write like Faulkner, and a certain degree of hurried inaccuracy is going to creep in. There's no excuse for really terrible spelling and grammar, even if you're just jotting down a shopping list, but I try not to be too judgemental. Grammar Naziism, or at least grammar-wanking, is colossally irritating, in an online context: someone makes a comment with a single misspelling, someone else corrects them, and soon the whole comment thread has devolved into a tiresome slurry of recrimination and insult.

But this thing here? This is kind of genius.

So genius that it could be faked. But even if it was, it's still genius, and if it wasn't, then kudos to Daniel, and a suggestion for Lindsay and her family: Back to school for you lot. Or at least slow down and think about what you're writing before you hit the Publish button.

In fact, it's a lesson for all of us: Don't write angry.


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