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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Basenotes is a useful website for people in love with fragrance, as I am. I don't necessarily expect the highest standards of spelling and grammar from sites that don't purport to be all about professional writing (as I do from Salon.com and Slate.com, for example), but goddamn this pisses me off so much:

Apart from 2005, when Brut took the award, Old Spice has won this award every year. There's probably not a man alive, since its launch in the thirties, that hasn't tried Old Spice. Long may it rein!

"Rein" is ultimately from Latin "retinare", "to retain". "Reign" is from Latin "regnum" (still seen in English "interregnum", "the period of time between rulers"), which derives from "rex", "king". And for good measure, "rain" comes from Germanic "regen", "to rain" (which it still is in modern German). Three words, all pronounced exactly the same, with three different etymologies, meanings, and usages. Not interchangeable, dammit!


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