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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The dependable Boingboing has a link to a camouflage bible for outdoorsy young Christians.

It's gross for many reasons, not least of which is that there's a boy version and a girl version, and the boy version is standard camouflage colours, the kind that would let you hide the book in your average forest, but the girl version is pink, because deities really hate it when you don't forcibly indoctrinate kids into sanctioned gender roles at every opportunity. And is camouflage really camouflage when it's pretty much the exact opposite of the colours one would expect to find in the forest, when it appears to be designed to be seen? It might work as camouflage in Barbie's Dream House, but it mostly looks as if Barbie threw up on it.

The girl version is "adorable", "perfect for fashionable girls", and "incredibly cute", whereas the boy version is...let's let them tell it, shall we?

A full text Bible in International Children's BibleĀ® translation in traditional camo canvas cover and just the right size for young hands. Embroidered with a cross, this Bible is perfect for adventerous boys.

The cloth binding style offers kids a compact and cool look to carry their Bible to church, school, or on-the-go. It's durable, flexible, and incredibly adventerous for boys of all ages!

"Adventerous". Not once but twice. It's not a simple typo; it's a full-out mistake.

Bad spelling makes Baby Jesus cry.


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