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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I can't even get too annoyed about this typo that appeared in the movie listings of a local free newspaper called "Here", because it's good for a cheap laugh if nothing else:

Honestly, doesn't a sin-along sound like at least as much fun as a regular old sing-along?


Just to prove that I don't always read as closely as I'd like (or at least that I don't always remember as clearly as I'd like), I mentioned the other day some candy I'd bought in Newfoundland, and reported it as humbugs, when in fact it was bull's eyes (as it clearly says on the package), so the pepperminty nature of humbugs is not compromised (although it confuses the issue to point out that there are mint-flavoured bull's eyes in the UK). Someone doesn't like Purity Bull's Eyes, but that's okay; I'll have their share.


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