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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you drink enough lovely Diet Coke, you can enter a code printed on the underside of the bottle cap (on their website, www.icoke.ca) to get points which you can then redeem for merchandise. They used to have some good stuff--you could get a Nintendo DS portable video-game system for 200,000 points, which would cost you between 200 and 400 bottles of Diet Brown--but that's mostly all run out as the promotion winds down, so all that's left of any value is...coupons for more bottles of Diet Brown (5000 points per),

Occasionally you can enter these little contests for a nominal number of points, but since it's illegal in Canada to charge you to enter a contest, they have to let you enter it by doing something non-purchasey instead, so you can answer some questions: twenty, in a recent contest, and here are some of them:

(You will probably need to click on that to make it bigger and more readable, unless you have a monitor with more real estate than I do.)

There's nothing wrong with this: I just thought it was hilarious, a little blurt of randomly-generated Dadaism.

Something wrong here, though.

Pharyngula has a link to a video game called Heaven: The Game. It seems pretty dreadful, with a very bad website and what PZ Myers describes as looking

a lot like an even more opulent version of the Vatican, populated with flexible, dewy porn stars.

And typos. Just look at this:

They're all over the site, too. If God exists, he must not care a fig for correct spelling and punctuation.


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