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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Who even knows how I find these things? I certainly don't. I just puddle around the Internet and open twenty-thirty tabs and read them over the next day or so and some of those lead me to other places, and eventually I can't even remember how I got there.

But this particular there is about bats, and I guess I ended up there because I was temporarily interested in how bat and human arms and fingers are similar, and they really are,

which means either that a creator built mammals to the same basic body plan, or that humans and bats evolved in different directions from a common ancestor.

But here's the first sentence of the article:

The German word for bats is "Fledermäuse," which translates as "flying mice."

Not quite. Bats do fly, obviously, but if you look at "Fledermaus" (the singular form), you can probably hazard a guess as to a better translation: "fleder-" is in fact related to English "flitter" , the frequentative of "flit".


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