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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pig Latin: The Sequel

Or, The Revenge of Lorem Ipsum.

Pharyngula has a piece about quack science in the form of a "doctor" who claims that black coffee will make you fat. Fatter than a pig. Because a cup of black coffee is "worse than five hot fudge sundaes". Well, any coffee except the stuff that she personally is selling, that is. Magical coffee! Scientifically treated! Patented!

God forbid I should give them free publicity, but the website is something that has to be seen to be believed. It isn't bad enough that the home page has typos on it ("If your drinking anything other than...." and "Selcet one of our blends"); nearly all the remaining pages currently look like this.

You could click on it to see it bigger, but I think you get the idea. Missing images. Links that don't link to anything. And best of all, huge wads of lorem ipsum.

There's nothing wrong with using lorem ipsum as a placeholder--that's what it's for--but you have to get rid of it before your website goes live. Otherwise, you look like a hack, an incompetent. Certainly not anyone that people would want to buy products from.


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