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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here's a stunning sentence from a recent Slate article on the popularity of the MTV show Jersey Shore, and the impossibility of a second season:

There are two main Masshole strands: Kennedy-lite types, often from the North Shore or Boston's wealthy Metro West area, who go to small New England liberal arts colleges (Bowdoin, Colby, Dartmouth) and wear lots of khaki; and more blue-collar types, often from South Boston or one of the commonwealth's harder-knock-cities (Everett, New Bedford), who share a hairdo: a weathered Sox cap in the warmer months, a fleece-lined Pats hat in the winter.

A hairdo? Requires hair. A hat? Does not. A weathered Sox cap is no more a hairdo than a pair of fleece mittens are a manicure. I am flabbergasted that anyone could actually write that sentence. I ought to be equally flabbergasted that it could make it through the editing process, but I think it's been fairly established that at Slate, there isn't one. If there is, it isn't working.


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