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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top of the World

We went to the opera this afternoon (it was Hamlet, which I didn't expect to like a lot because I am really not a fan of French opera, but after some seriously dull stretches in the first and second acts, like falling-asleep dull, though I did not actually fall asleep, but Jim did, it picked up, with the second-act finale being very exciting and the rest of the piece engaging and occasionally beautiful), so as usual when I got home I naturally wanted to read what other people thought of it on the opera blog Parterre Box, and when reading some of the other posting stumbled onto this Wall Street Journal piece about soprano Anna Netrebko's apartment in New York, and what did I see? This.

"A peak at the soprano's residence near Lincoln Center."

Have we really come to this, where a Wall Street Journal writer can't tell the difference between "peek" and "peak", and where there are no editors of any sort to fix the mistake?

Or worse, have we finally reached the point that the two words are interchangeable? Because if we have, I give up.


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