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Monday, May 17, 2010

Checking In

Well, here's what; we're in the UK again. If you want to read about our adventures last time around, click on September 2007 over there in the sidebar to the left.

Last time, I wrote my posts at an Internet cafe. This time, I'm writing on an iPod touch, so this will be very brief. I'll fill in the details when I get back. There will also probably be typos, so bear with me.

Day 1 (Friday): Fly to London. Stay in a capsule hotel at Gatwick, very small and purple and cool. Take the train to Bath.

Day 2: Bath is gorgeous. I want to move there. See a terrific street magician, Billy Kidd. She's Canadian.

Day 3. Jesus Mary and Joseph there are some fine-looking men in Bath. Attend, and you need not believe this, the Bath Coffee Festival. Play surdo in a samba band for the first time in 6 years.

Day 4 (today): Take the train to Edinburgh via Birmingham, which may have a lot to recommend it, I wouldn't know, we were there for less than 3 hours, but god almighty there are some fine-looking men there. Very international. See a woman in a full burqa, which creeps me out; Christopher Hitchens is right.


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