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Saturday, June 25, 2011


A big-ass thunderstorm is roiling about us and who knows? Perhaps the power will go out. So I'll just get this onto the screen and be done with it.

I beg you to listen to this song, an a cappella version of Ben Folds Five's "Magic", a radiantly, painfully gorgeous song about (I think) watching someone embrace death after a terrible illness:

If you want to listen to the (also gorgeous, though perhaps slightly less numinous) original:

It has been running through my head for, oh, ten hours now. I don't mind. I welcome it.

"Magic", since you might have been wondering and since I might as well attempt to tie this into my usual line of inquiry, is related though (of course) Indo-European "magh-" to the words "might" (both the noun and the modal verb, which, if you think about it, have an overlap of meaning: "to be able") and "machine" (a device with the ability to perform a task). I could go into more detail but, you know, thunderstorm.


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