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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Cats

You probably figure you have another few weeks before Christmas kicks into high gear, but we in the retail and customer-service sectors know different. We've been wallowing in it for months. We're drowning in customers. On the home front, there are Santa hats to be knit and Christmas stockings to be sewn and other giftworthy things to be made and possibly bought. These things don't make themselves, you know. And this means no amusing dissections of the latest heinous typo in the Globe and Mail (which I don't even have time to read!) and no exegeses on the origin of the word "enervate".

But at least I have the next photo in the Picklesworth saga.

(Objects in this photo are even more adorable than they appear)

Well, as you can see, the ball of fluff is in fact a kitten. Mr. P has a roommate! Her name is Sable, and she is, and I do not say this lightly, spectacularly cute. Her new owners chose her from a litter that was emitting near-lethal doses of cuteness rays; Jim and I were almost overwhelmed by the sheer radioactive power of their kitteniness (but not quite enough to adopt one of our own, at least not yet).

Still: cute!

He does sort of look like he's about to devour her, though, doesn't he? And will he? Stay tuned!


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