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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So. First you can go here, if you want, and watch a video of models stumbling and falling on the catwalk.

Lots of people seem to think it's hilarious, but to me it's excruciating. Some of them really seem to twist their ankles badly, and it just looks painful and awful. And it's not even their fault! The shoes are dangerous, the runways are slippery or scattered with violet petals or something like that, the walk the women are ordered to effect is practically designed to make them unsteady on their feet. When noxious people say that gay men in general, or fashion designers in particular, hate women, this is the sort of thing they point at.

I do have a point, and it is this: at 2:38 the following title card appears:

and that is just wrong.

"Treachery" has a nice long history in English. It started out as a form of "trickery", borrowed from French "trichier/trechier", "to trick", from Latin "triccare". It was once spelled "trecherie". But that "-a-" crept in quite a while ago: by the late 1500s it was a regular part of the word, and has been so ever since. "Trecherous" is not only wrong by about four hundred years: it's also inexcusable.


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