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Saturday, August 23, 2008


From the Onion AV Club's occasional review of comics, this sentence:

The packaging alone is fantastic—between issues and arcs, McCloud offers revealing peaks into what was going on in his life when he wrote it, and what he was getting at with his heroes and villains.

It's one of those (to me) incomprehensible mistakes that crops up again and again and, more recently and in the other direction, yet again. How is this any different from mixing up "leek" and "leak", or "week" and "weak"? Do people, and not just any old people in this case but professional writers, actually think that "peak" means "to look quickly and furtively"? Aren't paid writers being paid to write correctly? Is there not one single person at The Onion--or, let's face it, anywhere else these days--whose job it is to vet text before it's published to make sure these mistakes get fixed before they see the light of day?

I just don't understand it.


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