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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Complete And Utter Failure

Yeah, I know. I've been really sporadic lately. I mean, I posted a couple things on my other blog, but I've been busy with this and that, and...

Hey! Let's look at some relevant images from FailBlog! That'll distract you for a while!

This is actually pretty clever. It would have worked better if they had matched the typeface (their camouflage used a serif font instead of a sans-serif like the original), but still, points for cleverness.

All newspapers should be proof-reading at the very least their headlines. They should be paying even closer attention to headlines about education and literacy, because that's not a place you want to display your lack thereof.

And you need to proof-read online, too, because there are all these pesky letters on the keyboard that are so close to other letters. "Rockets" becomes "rickets", "funk" becomes "gunk", and "crowning" turns into "drowning" without your even noticing it. The spell-checker won't, either.

Any parent who would trust their little muffins to this daycare deserves exactly what they get. I mean, nobody expects a daycare to be run by Ph.D. candidates, or even professional writers, but still.

And finally, from Cake Wrecks, proof that even bakers need a proofreader:

("Complete And Utter Failure", by the way, is the title of a really good book by Neil Sternberg. I think it's out of print, but you should track it down, particularly if you like reading about failed food-product launches, the elemental horror of the spelling bee, and forgotten authors, written in a snarky yet engaging manner.)


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