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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making a Stink

Yeah, I'm going on about avoidable typos again. But at least it's not The Sims.*

My other blog is about perfumery, and I need to fuel it, so I was ordering some samples** from a British company called Ormonde Jayne, who could really use a proofreader. Or even a spellchecker. On this page, you see the following tool tip (which shows up if you let your cursor sit on the image for a few seconds):

Now, honestly. "Beautifil"? "Specialtu"? A seven-year-old could have pointed those out.

*It could have been. I've been playing it a lot in the last week, and I've found others besides the two I pointed out. But a promise is a promise.

**And just look at the packaging!

Now, isn't that just about the most elegant packaging you ever saw in your life? For samples!

UPDATE: February 12th. The package arrived today, and the case is even more elegant than I had thought, because you see that little ribbon tab on the right? When you pull it, naturally the drawer with the samples comes sliding out; but so does that other drawer with the little book, in the opposite direction. It's a fairly simple trick--a divider between the two layers, a strip of acetate attached to the ends of the drawers and threaded over the divider--but it's charming and shows an attention to detail. Shame their website doesn't have quite that same level of attention.


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