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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well, Obviously

From Failblog After Dark, as you can see.


A sentence from a story in The Onion:

"Since my wife lost her job, we've had less money coming in, but we still make due," said computer programmer Paul Keimel, who cuts corners by always keeping an eye out for cheaper, shittier crap.

I'm speechless. It's not a typo. An actual writer actually thinks that the expression is "make due" instead of "make do", an I-would-have-thought-self-evident contraction of "make it do", as in "It's not exactly what we wanted, but we will have to make this inferior thing serve the same purpose."

Am I expecting too much when I assume that writers will understand that the various idioms of the English language actually have meaning, and aren't just strings of sounds and letters cobbled together?


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