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Friday, March 25, 2011

Just The Facts

Knut was a polar bear born in the Berlin Zoological Garden in December of 2006, rejected by his mother, and raised by zookeepers. He was a hugely popular attraction at the zoo. "Knut" is the German version of "Cnut", also known in English as Canute, the name of the king of England, Norway, Denmark, and part of Sweden, who legendarily and no doubt apocryphally told the ocean to stop rolling in, not, as popular belief would have it, because he was so grandiose that he thought this would happen, but to demonstrate to his fawning courtiers that however powerful a king might be, he still had no control over the natural world. Knut's name--the bear, that is, although also the king--was not "Kunt". Proofreading is very important.

From Failblog After Dark. It's a goldmine. (This could, of course, be a fake, as was that Rachel Ray magazine cover. But it's completely plausible.)


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